Welcome to VeganLove.Org


Thank you for visiting the future home of positive vegan outreach. Behind this blog is a team of animal rights activists, vegan chefs, plant-based wellness practitioners, people of faith and vegan kids.

We are on a mission to create a powerful impact on making veganism fun especially for the youth! Vegan love wants to motivate and encourage the world through peaceful advocacy. Saving animals and saving our health to protect more animals is what needs to be done.

Vegan Love focuses on progress and being a positive voice to inspire the world to stop eating animals. We are heading towards one direction, that is to save humanity. With each wave of effort to heal this planet, accelerates the attraction of more good things to come.

We are all ascending to better times. Seeds are being planted. Ultimately we all want to understand love. Vegan Love is a reflection of the deepest compassion you can have for God’s creations. We are all animals. We are all living. We must be kind to all that is living, learning to dismiss negativity.

VeganLove.org is an outreach to stop the destruction of life that is meant to be lived. We are passionate in giving veganism a more upbeat reputation. Thank you for visiting and let’s start educating the world together peacefully!